Ô ! … Ô ! … Ô ! ...

Mother of the Thousand Things !
Great ancient Goddess !
Spirit of this Earth !

Who gives life to all the creatures.
Who provides our bodies with the capacities to see,
and feel, and taste, and smell,
and hear.

Who slowly awakes our conciousness
from its deep hidden roots,
allowing us to come to knowledge.

Ô ! ...
Origin !
Ô ! ...
Vital Force !

Who strive to preserve all the living things
threatened today.

Ô ! Nature !

May those who only show the pride of their souls
be transformed at the mere sight of Your immensity.
May Your generosity bewilder them.

May You enlighten those who are tangled
inside the small worlds
of domination,
which deprives humanity from its chances.

May You support with all Your power
the long and constant struggle for our liberation
from what smother us,
censure us,
exclude us,
contain us,
oppress us,
confine us,
so that the ones who destroy this Earth
and show contempt for Her values
be neutralized,
and our work may flourish as our lives,
in peace,
in concord,
in freedom,

so that our understanding of all things may enlarge
beyond the usual boundaries,
towards the infinite cosmic range from which You came,

in order to create us,
and make us

Your witnesses.


Berlin, 1992





(Syâmatârâ, Mahattarî, Khadivaranî,
Varadâ, Dhanadâ, Durgottarinî ... )

Ou ---
Ho ---
Sh ---
Hah (!) ---

Ou --sh --
Moon shine, Moon shine, Moon shine.
Hah (!) --
Hören sie, seine Stimme, Stimme, Stimme ...
Green Târâ, White Târâ, Yellow Târâ,
Red Târâ, Blue Târâ.

Ga !
Ha (x8)
Bhûmi !
Hou (x9)
Kshmâ !
Urvî !
Bhû !
Mahî !
Ha (x7)
Prithîvî !

Speak again with our mouths !
Live again in our lives !
Answer our calls !
Move in our cells !
Come, and push, and change, and roll, and breathe into us !

Câmundâ, Brahmanî, Indranî, Kaumarî,
Mahesvarî, Vaishnavî, Vârâtrî.

Kâlî, Ngami, Urashi, Lilith, Artemis, Kotys, Isis ..
lshtar, Morgan, Tiamat, Bast, Vesta, Athena,
Aphrôdita, Aphrôdita ...
Cerridwen, Nisene, Melusine, Cybele, Etoine, Astarte,
Hecate, Tisiphone, Persephone, Proserpine, Astoreth,
Demeter, Ixchel, Ereshkigel ...
Venus, Nut.

Touch, Touch, Touch.
Change, Change, Change.
Move, Move, Move.
Feel, Feel, Feel.
Hear, Hear, Hear.
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.
See, See, See.

Ocean, Ocean, Ocean.
Sea, Sea, Sea.


Berlin, 1992









From the source of my being,
searching endlessly after the Way
through successive deserts
of unvanquished loneliness,
looking at this world,
its frequent denial of freedom,
of values, justice, generosity,
I strive
to rediscover the innermost layers of ancient wisdoms,
to identify with the power of Nature
- all around us
but also inside all of us -,
from which we are
a direct consequence.

I try to call upon You,
Goddess of the past, Goddess of the Earth :
I try to call upon Your light :
I try to see through Your vision :
I try to feel Your presence, Your form, Your smile :

As a symbol
I bring to You
these flowers, these fruits, these perfumes,
with a cup full of the pure water,
and this burning flame.
All is coming from You,
all is returning to You.
And I sing for You this song
which calls upon Your beauty, Your grace,
Your art for creating all forms of life and love :

Contemplating a world which distroyed You
after having recognized You,
which considers itself Master of the Worlds
and forgets its true nature,
its obvious origin,

I look at the stars
- Your eyes, by millions, so close, so far -
and sing my song
under the still clearness
of the new moon.


Berlin, 1992